Adam Warrington

25, Toronto

Creative Director and Owner of Adam Warrington Creative.

A creative agency to help your brands visual/digital marketing.

Fashion , Portrait, Product photography with complement design work.

Creative Director and Owner of Very Old Garms. A vintage clothing business specialized in the curation of garments from the time periods from the 1940s-1980s. Adam is the soul operator of the brand working on all aspects such as: sourcing, photography, e-commerce, marketing, clothing event shows. 


@adamwarrington (personal)

@adamw.img (photography)

@veryoldgarms  (vintage clothing business)

Media Communications - Humber College


Sony a7ii - 28-70mm 3.5-5.6f, 50mm 1.8f

Yashica FR - 50mm 1.8f

Canon AF35M - 35mm

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